What is the measured CO2 emission value for my engine?

November 1, 2018

Dear Customer:

As required by Article 43 2016/1628 Briggs & Stratton is making available to you the measured CO2 value as determined during the EU type-approval process.  You shall communicate this value to the end-user accompanied by the following statement.

(Statement Defined Annex XIV 2017/654)

“This CO2 measurement results from testing over a fixed test cycle under laboratory conditions a(n) (parent) engine representative of the engine type (engine family) and shall not imply or express any guarantee of the performance of a particular engine.”

Briggs & Stratton CO2 EU Stage V

EPA Emissions Family Name Engine Models Intermediate or Rated Speed Family EU Stage V Approval Number CO2 (g/kW-hr)
JBSXS.1251VA 08P5 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA1/P*0227*00 1135.35
JBSXS.1251VC 08P5 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA1/P*0228*00 736.92
JBSXS.1401VA 09P6, 09P7 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA1/P*0229*00 1091.58
JBSXS.1401VC 09P6, 09P7 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA1/P*0230*00 957.92
JBSXS.1501VA 093J Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA1/P*0231*00 915.93
JBSXS.1501VC 093J, 092J Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA1/P*0232*00 915.93
JBSXS.1611VW 1006, 1008 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA1/P*0233*00 873.61
JBSXS.1631VA 104M, 103M Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA1/P*0236*00 990.20
JBSXS.1631VC 104M, 103M Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA1/P*0237*00 934.10
JBSXS.1631HR 10R2 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA1/P*0258*00 910.73
JBSXS.1631HR 10R2 Rated e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SRA1/P*0259*00 Testing
JBSXS.1631HS 10R2 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA1/P*0260*00 910.73
JBSXS.1631HS 10R2 Rated e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SRA1/P*0261*00 Testing
JBSXS.1901VN 124P Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA1/P*0235*00 874.35
JBSXS.1901VQ 115P, 125P Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA2/P*0238*00 865.63
JBSXS.1901V4 115P, 124P, 125P Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA1/P*0239*00 865.63
JBSXS.1901VS 123P Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA2/P*0240*00 889.17
JBSXS.1901V6 123P Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA2/P*0241*00 889.17
JBSXS.2031HB 12V3 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA3/P*0262*00 835.76
JBSXS.2031HB 12V3 Rated e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SRA3/P*0263*00 877.18
JBSXS.2031HC 12V3 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA3/P*0264*00 835.76
JBSXS.2031HC 12V3 Rated e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SRA3/P*0265*00 877.18
JBSXS.2231VA 14B9, 14D9 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA2/P*0242*00 738.60
JBSXS.2231VB 14B9, 14D9 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYA2/P*0243*00 738.60
JBSXS.3052HB 19L1, 19L2 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB3/P*0290*00 845.75
JBSXS.3052HB 19L1, 19L2 Rated e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SRB3/P*0291*00 827.71
JBSXS.3052HC 19L1, 19L2 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB3/P*0292*00 845.75
JBSXS.3052HC 19L1, 19L2 Rated e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SRB3/P*0293*00 827.71
JBSXS.3442VA 21R5, 21R6, 21R7, 21R8 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB1/P*0244*00 881.68
JBSXS.3442VM 21R5, 21R6, 21R7, 21R8 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB1/P*0245*00 881.68
JBSXS.5002VV 31R5, 31R6, 31R7, 31S7, 31R8, 31S8, 31R9, 31S9 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB1/P*0246*00 794.21
JBSXS.4792HH 2953, 2964, 3054 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB3/P*0294*00 927.21
JBSXS.4792HH 2953, 2964, 3054 Rated e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SRB3/P*0295*00 1035.17
JBSXS.4792HL 2953, 2964, 3054 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB3/P*0296*00 927.21
JBSXS.4792HL 2953, 2964, 3054 Rated e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SRB3/P*0297*00 1035.17
JBSXS.4792VC 3057 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB3/P*0298*00 906.28
JBSXS.4792VC 3057 Rated e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SRB3/P*0299*00 935.81
JBSXS.5002VP 31Q5, 31R5, 31R6, 31R7, 31S7, 31R8, 31S8, 31R9, 31S9 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB1/P*0247*00 794.21
JBSXS.5402VL 33R7, 33S7, 33R8, 33S8 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB1/P*0248*00 721.97
JBSXS.6272HN 3564, 3854, 3864 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB3/P*0300*00 901.18
JBSXS.6272HN 3564, 3854, 3864 Rated e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SRB3/P*0301*00 1017.44
JBSXS.6272HE 38E3 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB3/P*0304*00 739.74
JBSXS.6272HE 38E3 Rated e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SRB3/P*0305*00 782.14
JBSXS.6272VJ 3567, 3857, 3867 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB3/P*0306*00 930.34
JBSXS.6272VJ 3567, 3857, 3867 Rated e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SRB3/P*0307*00 1046.69
JBSXS.7242VA 40S8, 44S6, 44S8, 44S9 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB2/P*0250*00 793.74
JBSXS.7242VE 40R6, 40N7, 40N8, 44N6, 44N7, 44N8, 44J6, 40U7, 40U8, 44U6, 44U7, 44U8 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB2/P*0251*00 830.04
JBSXS.7242VP 40R5, 44U5 Intermediate e11*2016/1628*2016/1628*SYB2/P*0252*00 830.04


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