Kronos, our U.S. time and attendance system, has been down since Saturday, December 11 due

to a ransomware attack on the vendor. No personal employee data (SSN, banking, etc.) was

compromised as part of this attack.


We have developed two interim solutions (detailed below) to track time and attendance to

ensure no disruption to pay. Underpayments or overpayments will be corrected as soon as

possible once Kronos is back online.


Salaried Employees

From December 6 until further notice, employees must enter events such as vacation,

bereavement, overtime (for salaried non-exempt employees), etc. into the Salaried Exception

Reporting Google Form. Please note that each event will require a separate form submission

(e.g., vacation and sick time in the same week).


Hourly Employees

For managers who approve and/or view timecards for our hourly employees, please do so in

Success Center from December 12 until further notice. All hours and attendance exceptions

that would normally be managed in Kronos will need to be manually entered into Success

Center. A brief guide on this process can be found here.


Contact with any questions or issues.