Top Inverter Gererator Features For Tailgating

Look for mobile, quiet units to maximize the tailgating experience

MILWAUKEE (February 23, 2016) — This week marks the official opening of the professional baseball season, which also means the unofficial summer tailgating season is underway, too. Briggs & Stratton® (NYSE: BGG) is relaying the best portable power features that baseball fans who are serious about tailgating should look for to keep their tailgate humming for nine innings or more throughout each homestand.

“Tailgating has more or less become an American art form at many of the baseball stadiums across the country and that’s because there are so many ways to spruce up a tailgate setting, which used to consist of little more than a cooler of drinks and small grill for food,” said Dan Roche, marketing director for Briggs & Stratton’s Portable Power & Cleaning Systems division. “Dependable, quiet and customizable portable power is essential for taking a tailgate experience to the next level.”

Here are the top features tailgaters should look for in an inverter generator to power their next sporting event gathering.

Quiet, Capable Units

One way to ruin a good tailgate is with a noisy power source, so look for a quieter power solution like an inverter generator. Inverter generators, like Briggs & Stratton’s PowerSmart Series™ models, are designed for uses in which quiet operation is important. The new P2200 PowerSmart Series inverter generator, for example, operates at 59* decibels, which is quieter than a normal conversation so it blends into the background of the tailgate party.

If a tailgate is in need of more power than a single inverter is capable of providing, think about selecting an inverter generator with parallel capabilities. Rather than purchasing a larger, more expensive generator, inverter generators in the PowerSmart Series lineup can be used in tandem. Using the dedicated, built-in parallel outlet lets tailgaters connect two P2200 or P3000 (or one of each) units together to create an even stronger power source. This solution for additional power can help a tailgate run a big screen TV, gaming systems and stereos, while simultaneously keeping outdoor light strings on, charging cell phones and using portable appliances. For those serious tailgaters with an RV, two power sources is an ideal setup to handle a multitude of power needs.

Mobile Power

As with any tailgating experience, unloading prior to the game and packing up after the final out shouldn’t feel like work. Look for portable power units that are simple to maneuver. The Briggs & Stratton PowerSmart Series™ P2200 has an H-handle handle design and the P3000 has a luggage-style telescoping handle for light-weight maneuverability.

Customized Power

“Quality inverters offer tailgaters a multitude of power options,” Roche said. “Look for a unit with a big control panel, which allows tailgaters the ability to customize their tailgating experience.”

The P2200 inverter generator gives tailgaters three power outlets, one DC and two household, in addition to a USB adapter. The P3000 offers even more flexibility and power with four household outlets, a 30-amp outlet in addition to a USB port and a DC outlet.

Safe for electronics

In addition to a variety of power outlets, an inverter should also make it safe to power even the most sensitive electronic devices. The entire line of PowerSmart inverters, for example, produces less than three percent harmonic distortion, so laptops, TVs, gaming systems and tablets are always safe to power.

Portable generators emit carbon monoxide and are dangerous if not operated properly. The only safe place to operate a portable generator is outside. To learn more about how to safely operate a portable generator, visit

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*Sound levels vary based on proximity and location; measured at 1/4 load at 7m from the control panel side of the generator

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