Powering Vacations at America's National Parks

Briggs & Stratton inverter generators can enhance a National Parks adventure

MILWAUKEE, WI (July 7, 2016)  Briggs & Stratton Corporation wants all National Parks campers to remember to pack an inverter generator as they celebrate National Parks & Recreations Month this July.

“Inverter generators are significantly quieter than the traditional portable power unit,” said Dan Roche, director of marketing for Briggs & Stratton’s portable power division. “Meaning people visiting any one of the 58 spectacular National Parks will still hear the serene sounds of nature while powering the luxuries of home.”

National Park aficionados Kristy and Sean Michael of Long Long Honeymoon are self-proclaimed experts when it comes to RVing. They recently turned to Briggs & Stratton’s PowerSmart Series P2200 and P3000 inverter generators for portable power.

The bloggers turned to the PowerSmart Series for the sound dampening technology. Inverter technology produces smoother power for sensitive electronics. Best of all, the P2200 runs at 59 decibels* and the P3000 operates at 58 decibels*, so they are quieter than a normal conversation to blend into the background of social settings, ensuring the sound of bubbling rivers and wildlife won’t go unheard.

“Both units really deliver on the promise of quiet power,” said Sean Michael. “This is exactly why you want an inverter generator for RV camping. The generators produce less noise than a typical conversation.”

The P3000 and the P2200 inverter technology uses special microprocessors to supply power as smooth and stable as a home’s utility power, so the most sensitive electronic devices can be used confidently. In addition, the units feature computer-controlled technology that continuously and automatically adjusts engine speed, so as power needs drop, so does the engine speed; further reducing noise, fuel consumption and emissions.

PowerSmart Series™ P2200
The PowerSmart Series P2200 is powerful and lightweight. It has 1,700 running watts** and 2,200 starting watts** and is up to 45-percent lighter than traditional camping generators. A twin-handle design makes it easy for two people to lift and transport the generator from one location to the next.

The unit offers a convenient control panel that includes three outlets (two 120-volt outlets and one 12-volt DC battery-charging outlet) and a USB adapter to offer the flexibility to power an extensive combination of lights, music, TVs, crock pots, blenders and personal electronics. The inverter technology automatically adjusts the engine speed to protect sensitive electronics like smart phones, tablets and laptops.

PowerSmart Series™ P3000
Sean Michael calls the P3000 the “big brother” to the P2200 and for good reason. The P3000 means RV enthusiasts can power most RV’s HVAC units, while simultaneously keeping the lights on, charging cell phones or using some smaller portable appliances.

The P3000 is also the first in its class to offer a USB charging port, perfect for charging cell phones, which frees up an outlet to power additional items. The StatStation® LCD display provides information on how many watts are currently being used and provides maintenance reminders. The unit’s luggage-style, lift-assist transportation system allows for easy maneuverability by one person with its telescoping handle and a twin-handle for two-person lifting.

“I really like the telescoping handle and the never flat wheels because it makes moving the unit that much easier,” said Sean Michael. “The design is similar to rolling a suitcase, which is a fairly brilliant design.”

For outdoor adventures that require even more power, the Briggs & Stratton PowerSmart Series offers parallel capabilities, enabling users to connect two units together for even more quiet, consistent power. Previously available only on the P3000 model, upgrades to the new P2200 model will allow either two P2200’s, two P3000’s or a P2200 and a P3000 inverter to be connected.

“Whether you’re RVing, camping or glamping at National Parks, I encourage tourists to buy a Briggs & Stratton inverter generator,” said Kristy Michael. “These units are an excellent way to power National Parks & Recreation Month celebrations at one of America’s National Parks.”

While portable generators can provide users with flexibility and comfort, homeowners and renters should use portable generators appropriately at all times in order to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. As a member of the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association, Briggs & Stratton invites homeowners to visit www.TakeYourGeneratorOutside.com to learn more about portable generator safety.

To learn more about portable inverter generators, visit www.briggsandstratton.com.

*Sound levels vary based on proximity and location; measured at 1/4 load at 7m from the control panel side of the generator

**Per CSA C22.2 No. 100-14. Wattage per ANSI/PGMA G300-2015. Starting Watts is the maximum current that can momentarily be supplied when starting a motor, multiplied by the generator's rated voltage.

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