Not Sure Which Oil to use in Your Lawn Mower?

Briggs & Stratton launches new oil finder tool to simplify engine maintenance

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (March 27, 2018) Briggs & Stratton Corporation’s new interactive oil finder tool is making it easier for lawn mower owners to know which oil and how much to use to keep their mower running well.

“Our research indicates that 97 percent of people have at least added oil to their mower engine at some point and 91 percent report doing an oil change at some point1,” said Carissa Gingras, director of marketing, global support, Briggs & Stratton. “But we also know that these DIYers often don’t know which oil to use in their mower, making it the number one question asked of our customer support team.”

The interactive oil finder allows mower owners to quickly determine their small engine oil type and capacity by asking only a handful of questions, including the temperature where the mower is being operated. There is no need to input an engine model number, making it even easier for owners to use the tool as they shop for oil at retailers or dealers. The tool is designed to help small engine owners take better care of their lawn mowers and avoid common mistakes such as using automotive oil instead of small engine oil.

Based on consumer research, 43 percent of consumers typically shop for mower oil in the automotive section, and 48 percent of consumers who buy automotive oil for their mower believe automotive oil and small engine oil are the same2.

“Oil is vital for engine health. So, it’s important to use an oil created specifically for outdoor power equipment because it includes anti-wear agents that keep equipment clean and running effortlessly,” said Gingras. “Changing the oil as part of an annual tune up in the spring will help ensure your mower starts and runs smoothly all year-round.”

Briggs & Stratton EXI Engine Series™ features Just Check & AddTM and never requires an oil change, but adding oil and regular scheduled maintenance is still a must. Before performing any maintenance on outdoor power equipment, consult your operator’s manual for details and safety precautions3.

Online Mower Maintenance Behavior survey for Briggs & Stratton of 336 walk mower owners with maintenance responsibility, February 2018.

2 Oil Labeling research for Briggs & Stratton, online survey of 500 mower owners, February 2018.

3 To learn more, go to or see complete details in the Operator’s Manual. Briggs & Stratton standard warranty terms and conditions apply. Just Check & Add does not extend the warranty period.

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