Briggs & Stratton Launches All New PowerProtect™ Generators Featuring NGMax™ Technology

Milwaukee, WI (October 19, 2023) – Briggs & Stratton is bringing more power, convenience and reliability to homeowners with its new PowerProtect home standby generator line. With new and improved features —including the company’s NGMax technology that delivers maximum power and value on natural gas fuel — the PowerProtect line is the most powerful lineup of air-cooled home standby generators on the market. As homeowners look to protect themselves against the costs and uncertainty brought on by increasingly frequent and stronger storms, Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions has optimized its industry-leading standby generator offerings with new technology and diversified power options. The company is now offering more power at every level with its 13kW, 18kW, 22kW, and 26kW PowerProtect home standby generators. And, with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry*, every generator in the PowerProtect line is backed by the robust Briggs & Stratton network.

“Being first to market with a 26kW home standby generator in 2021, we quickly pivoted resources to reinvigorate the rest of our PowerProtect line,” said Tom Rugg, SVP and President of Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions. “We know buying a generator is a significant investment and our goal is to provide the best product and service to our customers. With the most powerful lineup of home standby generators and the most comprehensive warranty on the market, our dealers have a superior offering, and their customers can rest assured they are making the best choice.”

NGMax and Eco-Cise™ Technologies

Currently, over 70% of homes in the U.S. have access to natural gas, yet the power output rating you see on most home standby generators is for the power generated while operating on liquid propane fuel. That’s because liquid propane fuel is more “energy dense” and thereby produces power more efficiently than natural gas. It’s a marketing tactic – manufacturers want to promote the higher power output of liquid propane even though most owners of generators are using natural gas. 

Briggs & Stratton’s NGMax technology provides maximum power, whatever fuel source is used. When comparing the power output of natural gas with the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the leading generators on the market, Briggs & Stratton provides the best value and lowest cost per kilowatt (kW) on natural gas. The math is easy to do. Simply divide he generator MSRP by the manufacturer’s listed kW of power output on natural gas. Whatever the fuel, when you choose a Briggs & Stratton home standby generator, you get the most power and value for your money. NGMax comes standard on all PowerProtect generators.

Also standard on PowerProtect models is Eco-Cise — a 16-second smart weekly test that ensures your generator is in top working condition. The Eco-Cise test reduces the exercise cycle from 5-20 minutes per week to seconds, for a significant reduction of noise and fuel consumption.

PowerProtect 13kW Home Standby Generator

Providing more power in a smaller package, the all-new 13kW home standby generator provides the essential power homeowners need during an outage. With 37 kVA of motor starting power, the 13kW generator handles large appliances and equipment with ease. This compact but mighty generator offers a 39% smaller footprint than other generators in its class, making it perfect for tight spaces and lot lines. The front exhaust design provides additional installation flexibility.

When used with Briggs & Stratton’s optional Symphony® Choice Power Management System, the 13kW generator can be programmed to prioritize the essential power needs of each homeowner, so you only pay for the power you need. The Symphony Choice Power Management System is added to the Automatic Transfer System (ATS), enabling homeowners to isolate critical loads, and select what appliances to power, allowing them to use a smaller, more affordable generator.

PowerProtect 18kW and 22kW Home Standby Generators

When comparing cost and power output, PowerProtect 18kW & 22kW standby generators offer more power for the money. With 45 kVA of motor starting power, the 22kW generator easily powers large appliances. Designed for emergency use, the 18kW and 22kW generators are also certified for non-emergency use, allowing homeowners to participate in their utility company's demand response program to receive incentives for helping reduce the overall energy draw from the power grid.

PowerProtect 26kW Home Standby Generator

Originally introduced in 2021, the PowerProtect 26kW home standby generator remains the most powerful air-cooled home standby generator on the market. With over 26 kilowatts of available power, the generator can power an entire home and is designed to keep homes and families running as usual during an outage. With 41 kVA of motor starting power, the generator has enough available power to easily start large appliances and equipment like air conditioners. The 26kW generator features many of the other exciting optimizations to the PowerProtect line, including its certification for non-emergency use, the Eco-Cise 16-second smart weekly test and more.

PowerProtect home standby generators are powered by proven and trusted Briggs & Stratton® commercial-grade Vanguard® engines. The line is engineered and assembled in the U.S. and backed by an industry-leading standard six-year comprehensive warranty that covers mileage, labor, parts and major components. The optimized PowerProtect generator line is there for home and business owners, no matter what the weather brings. Learn more about the industry-leading PowerProtect standby generator line


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