Three questions homeowners should ask themselves when looking for a generator during September’s National Preparedness Month

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (September 5, 2017) – Families considering an emergency backup power generator during National Preparedness Month are getting help navigating the buying process from Briggs & Stratton Corporation. FEMA declares September as National Preparedness Month to encourage families to plan ahead for an unexpected disaster.

“National Preparedness Month is an excellent time for families to assemble a household emergency kit before a disaster hits their community,” said Dan Roche, director of marketing for portable power at Briggs & Stratton. “But an emergency kit is just the start; families need to think about how they will manage any disaster without power. There are lots of options, so it’s important for families to do the homework on what backup power solution would work best for them.”

To begin, families are encouraged to consider the following three factors before investing in a generator:

·How frequently does the power go out?

Power outages that happen frequently can be disruptive. If outages occur often, a standby generator may be the best option because it automatically turns on when the power goes out. For families that occasionally experience a power outage, manually connecting a few appliances to a portable generator may be enough to manage the nuisance outage.

·What needs to be powered during an emergency?

If high-wattage appliances, like air conditioning units, stoves and clothes dryers are a must, a standby generator is appropriate. If the priority is powering basic essentials like a refrigerator, sump pump and lights, a portable generator can work well.

·How do you manage during a power outage? 

Homeowners in areas prone to power outages measured in days and weeks may opt for a standby generator because it can provide power for longer periods of time. However, a portable generator – standard or inverter – is a great solution to help families impacted by less severe outages.

Portable inverter generators: The quiet backup power supply

Homeowners now have a quieter option for emergency home backup power. The new Briggs & Stratton Q6500 QuietPower Series inverter generator, available now through Amazon, Home Depot, Power Equipment Direct and Power Distributors, can provide emergency backup power to essential items, like a refrigerator, sump pump,  television, microwave, cell phone chargers and lights at the same time during an emergency – without breaking the bank.

Similar to other portable generators, the Q6500 is powered by gasoline, is low maintenance, compact and easily maneuverable. What sets the Q6500 a part is it’s more than 60 percent quieter1, 30 percent lighter and 45 percent more compact than a standard generator2. When its fully-enclosed, impact-resistant shell, which significantly reduces noise, is paired with its lightweight, compact design, the Q6500 answers the major pain points of standard generator owners. The new Q6500 is also 30 percent more fuel efficient while running at 25 percent load compared to a similar portable generator, meaning families don’t need to worry about refueling as often during a power outage.

While portable generators can provide users with flexibility and comfort, they must be used appropriately at all times in order to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. As a member of the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association, Briggs & Stratton invites homeowners to visit to learn more about portable generator safety.

Standby generator systems: The long-term backup power supply

“Families that experience frequent power outages that last several days may want to consider investing in a permanent generator,” said Christin Wam, senior marketing manager for Standby Power at Briggs & Stratton. “Our Home Generator Buying Guide walks the buyer through all the necessary steps to find the right size generator for their house.”

Standby generators, such as the Briggs & Stratton Fortress, can power more of a home’s high-wattage appliances, like air conditioning units, stoves and clothes dryers. Home standby generators need to be professionally installed, so homeowners should allow time for the installation process and associated costs.

Home standby generator systems are an ideal solution for families who want a backup power source that offers automatic transfer of power. These home standby generators are connected to the existing propane or natural gas line of a house. When utility power to a house is interrupted, the generator automatically turns on within seconds. Homeowners can have peace of mind that a sump pump will keep running, air conditioning/heat will continue to operate and food won’t spoil.

Homeowners now have the option to upgrade from the standard steel enclosure to a new corrosion-resistant aluminum exterior that is rated to endure winds up to 175 mph. The new exterior shell is designed to withstand the corrosive elements that coastal regions battle like salt and hurricane force storms. The new aluminum unit is available on the Briggs & Stratton 20kWand Fortress brand for 20kW3 standby generator systems.

Homeowners interested in learning more about Briggs & Stratton standby and portable generators can visit

1As tested per ISO3744 sound power standard when compared to standard generator 030607.
2Versus a standard generator 030607.
3This generator is certified in accordance with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 2200 (stationary engine generator assemblies) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standard C22.2 No. 100-14 (motors and generators).


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