Amplify makes standby generator power management smarter

MILWAUKEE, WI (June 2, 2020) – Long a leader in smart power management systems for standby generators, Briggs & Stratton Corporation has upgraded its power management offerings with the introduction of the new Amplify Power Management System.

"Power management basically takes all of the power created by the generator and assigns priorities to various appliances based on the homeowner's specific needs," explained Briggs & Stratton's Brian Northway, field service manager. "By managing the distribution of the power load, we're able to right-size the generator. This means a homeowner may not need as big of a generator as they think if they also install Amplify Power Management."

Amplify allows standby generator owners to prioritize, in real-time, the appliances and systems that they want powered by the generator. The user can control the priorities via a smartphone app to address changing demands for their homes and families. For instance, air-conditioning may be prioritized during the daytime hours but deprioritized when the sun goes down.

Briggs & Stratton has offered smart power management systems for years but Amplify is the first system that provides total control in real-time to the homeowner.

Power Management Benefits

Using smart power management tools like Amplify allows a homeowner to optimize the power output of their standby generator often resulting in the ability to use a smaller generator than their home might otherwise need. In addition, managing the power through a smart tool like Briggs & Stratton's Amplify eliminates the risk of overloading a generator.

Amplify, which can be installed on Briggs & Stratton standby generators manufactured after October 2019, features a user-friendly app which allows the user to control up to 32 modules prioritizing the high-wattage appliances in a home.

"The key to a power management system like Amplify is that it gives the homeowner total control when the uncontrollable happens," said Northway. 

Amplify will be available starting June 1, 2020 through Briggs & Stratton authorized standby generator dealers.

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