Briggs & Stratton Corporation Shares Pros And Cons For Raking Or Mulching Leaves In The Fall

MILWAUKEE (October 20, 2015) — Autumn is well underway, and so are the falling leaves. To ensure a healthy lawn in the Spring, Briggs & Stratton (NYSE:BGG) recommends that homeowners address the fallen leaves by either raking or mulching them. Failure to acknowledge the leaves can lead to an overabundance which prevents the grass from receiving important water, light and nutrients and can cause serious damage to the lawn. Whether raking or mulching, there are several things to consider depending on the lawn type, tree type, equipment and homeowner preference.

Mulching Leaves

First and foremost, homeowners who select to mulch their leaves must have the proper equipment: a lawn mower with a mulching blade. Briggs & Stratton recommends reviewing the owner’s manual for instructions on how to operate the mower in the mulching mode.


  • Mulching is quicker and a more efficient leaf removal routine than raking.
  • Mulched leaves left on the grass create a natural fertilizer, providing water and nitrogen.
  • Homeowners won’t have to worry about collecting leaves and disposing of them properly.


  • If the homeowner has many trees, the mulched leaves may create a layer that is too thick and covers the lawn, disallowing light and air to reach the grass and soil.
  • Weather is a factor. Mulching too many wet leaves can create a layer that actually smothers the grass, and could lead to turf grass and lawn problems.

Raking Leaves


  • Raking leaves is great outdoor exercise.
  • A freshly raked lawn looks very neat and tidy.
  • Gathered leaves can be used as mulch in garden beds or added to a compost pile for extra nutrients.


  • Disposal can be difficult. If a homeowner’s municipality doesn’t provide curbside leaf collection, it may require transporting the leaves for proper disposal.
  • Raking can be time consuming, especially depending on the amount of trees.

Whether raking or mulching, Briggs & Stratton wants to remind homeowners that leaf removal should be incorporated into the fall lawn care routine to ensure the grass returns healthy in the spring.

Contact: Carissa Gingras
Briggs & Stratton Corporation

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