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Briggs & Stratton Snow Starting Promise™

When you’re ready to get to work, Briggs & Stratton engines are too. With Our Starting Promise™, your snow blower will start in two pulls or less, down to -20F (-28C.) Or we fix it free.*

Briggs & Stratton Corporation warrants to the original owner that select Snow Engines equipped with Electric Start will start within two electric start attempts*, down to -20F (-28C.)

This warranty applies for a period of two years from the date of the original purchase and covers defects in engine materials or workmanship that may prevent the engine from starting within two electric start attempts. It includes the cost of parts and labor for repairs related to the starting problem.

Transportation costs to and from the repairing dealer is the owner’s responsibility. Parts and labor costs of routine maintenance items, such as spark plug, oil change, fuel filter, and fuel system maintenance, are not covered under this provision.

The use of non-original Briggs & Stratton service parts may void this warranty if related to the starting problem.

The warranty excludes special operational conditions that could require more than two electric start attempts, including:

  • First time starting after an extended period of non-use or after seasonal storage
  • Ambient temperature starting is below -20F (-28C)
  • Failure to follow the recommended starting procedures and guidelines for fuel and oil usage as specified in the operating manual

Briggs & Stratton recommends fuel that is a minimum of 87 octane. Do not use fuel with more than 10 percent ethanol such as E15 or E85 fuel. E15 fuel is illegal to use in small gasoline powered engines. Damage to the engine caused by ethanol-blended fuels is not covered under the warranty of the engine.

Engines used commercially are not covered under this provision. All other exclusions of coverage noted in your engine Operating Manual under “About Your Warranty” apply. Warranty service is available only through authorized dealers by Briggs & Stratton Corporation. Locate your nearest Authorized Service Dealer in our dealer locator.

♦A starting attempt is considered to be a 5 second continuous cranking of the starter motor with a battery that has been charged at least 10 minutes.

*Two electric start attempts based on proper starting procedures and fuel and oil specifications as outlined in the operating manual are followed.

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