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CO Guard™ Carbon Monoxide Shutdown

Advanced Detection. Added Protection.

This all-new, patent-pending technology shuts down your generator when harmful levels of carbon monoxide accumulate in the generator's operating area. Find CO Guard™ technology on multiple brand models beginning in Spring of 2019.

  • Advanced Detection. Added Protection.

    Our industry-leading carbon monoxide (CO) shutdown technology is designed to shut off the portable generator if harmful levels of CO accumulate in the generator's operating area.

  • No False Shutdowns.

    CO Guard™'s patent-pending algorithm protects users from false shutdowns, even when the generator is providing maximum output in heavy-wind conditions.

  • Portable Generator Safety

    As a member of the Portable Generator Manufacturers' Association, Briggs & Stratton invites homeowners to visit www.TakeYourGeneratorOutside.com to learn more about portable generator safety.

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