The next step in choosing as snow blower is determining what features you want. Below are a few feature options that are available on Briggs & Stratton® Snow Blowers that you may want to consider in order to get the job done more quickly and comfortably. 

LED or halogen headlights provide better visibility while using the snow blower, especially in periods of low natural light. 

Heated Hand Grips
Powered by an on/off switch, heated hand grips keep your hands warmer while clearing away the cold snow. 

Free Hand™ Control
Available on most two-stage models, Free Hand™ Control offers one-handed operation of the snow blower, conveniently allowing you a free hand to rotate the chute or adjust the speed. 

Dual-Trigger Steering
Dual-Trigger Steering allows you to release the left or right wheel to help make tight turns. 

Dash Mounted Crank
This type of manual chute rotation handle is located conveniently on the control panel. You can adjust the direction the snow is thrown from left-to-right simply by turning the handle left or right. 

Chute-Mounted Rotation Handle
This type of manual chute rotation handle is located on the chute itself. You can change the direction of the chute from left-to-right by moving the handle on the chute to the left or right. 

Electric Chute Rotation
Easily adjust the direction the snow is thrown from left-to-right with the simple push of a button located conveniently on the dash panel. 

Quick-Adjust Deflector
Easily change the height and distance the snow is thrown with a simple squeeze of the chute-mounted handle. 

Remote Chute Deflector Adjustment
Push or pull a dash-mounted lever to adjust the pitch of the deflector to control the height and distance the snow is thrown. 

SnowShredder™ Serrated Auger Technology
Available on select single-stage snow blowers, the SnowShredder™ Serrated Auger has multiple serrated steel surfaces that provide advanced ice chopping and snow clearing power. 

Briggs & Stratton® Snow Series Engine
Specially designed to start strong down to 20-degrees below zero and power through in the toughest winter conditions, this engine offers uncompromised power and displacement to help you get the job done. Plus, oversized controls provide mitten-friendly operation, and push button electric start available on most models allows for easy starts. (Recoil starting is also available on electric start models.) Numerous power options are available. 

Note: Features vary by model.