Whole-house backup power is now a whole lot more affordable with Briggs & Stratton’s Symphony® II Power Management system for home standby generators. As the most customizable Power Management system anywhere, this patented technology is the easiest way to give your family unprecedented peace of mind and protection during a power outage

What Symphony® II Does

Symphony® II Power Management System automatically balances the backup power needs of your home’s electrical loads — including high-wattage items like air conditioning units, stoves and dryers — to give your family uninterrupted, whole-house power with a more affordable home generator.

How Symphony® II Backup Power Works

With Symphony® II Power Management, you select up to eight high-wattage appliances based on your family’s specific power needs. It then manages the distribution of power from the generator to those appliances — automatically. This load management ensures the generator won’t overload and shut down so your family can continue to have power.

Additionally, the Symphony® II Power Management transfer switch is wired into your home’s existing wiring by a professional, where it monitors your home’s electrical circuits, so you save more on the cost of installation.

How You Save Money with a Standby Generator with Symphony® II

Symphony® II Power Management lets you purchase a smaller, more affordable home generator system while maintaining the comfort of whole-house backup power. With Symphony® II Power Management, you’ll benefit from:

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