It’s easiest to determine what home standby generator system is right for your household by first thinking about what household items your family wants to remain functioning normally during a power outage. The number of home appliances or electrical loads you want to power will determine the size and cost of the residential generator.

Still not sure where to start? Our Standby Generator Sizing Calculator lets you select what in your home you want to power and directs you to the appropriate-sized generator system.

Briggs & Stratton’s full line of automatic standby generator systems power your home in differing ways, depending on the generator size and what you want to power in your home.

Select Circuit Home Generators: Power Essential Appliances

A select-circuit generator system is a cost-effective way to power your home’s basics to get you comfortably through a power outage. These units can power up to 10 electrical loads in your home, including the fridge, some lights, television and the microwave. It’s a perfect small home generator solution.

Managed Whole-House Power Generators: Smaller, More Power

Equipped with the smartest Power Management system available, Symphony® II Power Management, these backup power solutions give your family the benefits of whole-house power with a smaller, more affordable generator system. With the innovative power of Symphony II, these home generator systems can manage the power all your electrical needs — including up to two air conditioners.

Whole-House Generators for Maximum Backup Power Needs

Whole-house standby generator options are the best backup power solution for extra-large and luxury homes. They power an array of high wattage appliances – from double ovens to hot tubs – with the performance you could expect from commercial generators.