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October 6, 2015

Will Lassie come to the rescue? Kart racers everywhere want to know. A 1960 classic, 'The BIG … Read More

October 3, 2015

I LOVE the slow motion, watch the wheel contact change. … Read More

October 1, 2015

So let me ask you......Why? Read More

September 30, 2015

Some early shots of Tony and his karts in a photo history on Read More

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This is Briggs & Stratton Short Course Kart Racing

The 206 engine and the mystery of the RED Sharpie

This is Briggs & Stratton Racing.

This is USXC X-Cross Briggs 206 Snowmobile Racing - Mini I-5

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June 10, 2015 // Comments

Briggs & Stratton Cylinder/Side Cover Finish

On Tuesday June 2nd, Briggs & Stratton Racing began manufacturing with cylinders and side covers that feature a new, matte finish.

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May 19, 2015 // Comments

Briggs & Stratton 206 Valve Rule Clarification

It was brought to our attention that an omitted word in our 2015 rule set has created a contradiction within our rule set.

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April 24, 2015 // Comments

Briggs & Stratton "PZ 22" Carburetor Visual Updates

Over the past three years Briggs & Stratton Racing has taken on the project of retooling the PZ 22 carburetor used on the Animal, 206, and M-series platforms.

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One of the most popular Briggs racing engines, the Animal engine will help you compete in your next snocross or kart race.


  • Dual Ball-Bearing, RACING Reinforced Cylinder
  • Squeeze-Cast, T-7 Treated, Racing Rod
  • Ground Cam w/ Compression Release
  • PVL™ Digital Ignition System
  • Walbro™ Round - Slide Carburetor

This complete engine package balances the latest in engine design and technology to provide racers with a consistent, low-maintenance and low-cost platform, in which to sharpen their driving skills and chassis setup.


  • Dual Ball-Bearing, RACING Reinforced Cylinder
  • Slotted, Stelite-Faced, Ground Cam w/ Compression Release
  • PVL™ Digital Ignition System w/7,100 RPM Limiter
  • Dana™ Fire-Ring Head Gasket
  • Walbro™ Round - Slide Carburetor

Hand-built in Milwaukee, WI. using tooling and dies specifically for racing for unparalleled repeatability.


  • Squeeze-Cast, T-7 Treated, Racing Rod
  • Ground Cam w/ Compression Release
  • PVL™ Digital Ignition System
  • Locking Carburetor Cap system
  • Nitrited Dished Exhaust Valve

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October 4, 2015

We've struggled all season with straightaway speed. If everything is clean and set properly (chassis, clutch, driver, etc.) what would be the result …

Posted by Jason G in Animal/206 Engine Questions

October 2, 2015

My team and I are competing in the 2016 Shell EcoMarathon. I am in charge of finding a starter motor that fits with the Jr 206 Engine. I am having …

Posted by jcollyer in Miscellaneous/Other

September 29, 2015

The LO206 class will be back racing again at Pitt Race in Western PA this weekend. .8 mile road course with great facilities. Easy access off PA …

Posted by Bill Snow in Track/Race Announcements

September 27, 2015

I think Ive posted this question before but I can get any insight or satisfaction. We are on our second year of LO206 running the red slide. Last …

Posted by helix in Animal/206 Engine Questions