Air Filter (Service Part 792105) Installation Instructions

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Air Filter Installation Instructions 
For Service Part No. 792105 / DIY Part No. 5405

16.0-30.0 Gross HP/CV‡ Professional Series™ V-Twin

1. To remove, loosen the screws of the air cleaner cover and pull cover off.
2. To remove the cartridge, pull up along the outside edge until it snaps out.
3. Clean engine around air cleaner area.
4. Replace cartridge by aligning the hole of the cartridge with the air vent on the engine.
5. Push the cartridge in, toward the engine, until cartridge snaps into place.
6. Reinstall air cleaner cover and tighten screws.

Note: the cartridge is surrounded by a thin foam sleeve. If this sleeve is torn or damaged, replace the entire cartridge.

Replace filter cartridge every 100 hours or more often under dusty conditions.

NOTICE: DO NOT OIL the foam sleeve or the cartridge, this will damage the cartridge. If there is oil or heavy debris on the cartridge, replace immediately.

NOTICE: Do not use pressurized air or solvents to clean cartridge. (They may damage the cartridge.) Improper installation of air cleaner cover may cause damage to engine. See operator's manual for more information.

‡All power levels are stated gross horsepower at 3600 rpm per SAE J1940 as rated by Briggs & Stratton

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