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Marketing & Support


As a dealer, you have several ways to gain support. Your inside sales representative, specifically tuned to your area, will provide you with free leads. They are also able to help you place orders and navigate through our websites. Each dealer has an outside account manager who is available to meet face–to–face, and can support you by phone or email.

We have an excellent technical support team available 8 am to 5 pm (CST) to address your needs. We pride ourselves on working with you and understand that you need to talk to a live tech when you are on–site.


Briggs & Stratton has developed a co–op program designed to help fund your marketing efforts. Beginning with the first dollar you spend, co–op funds are accrued at 2% of your annual dealer sales. Your accrued funds will be paid out up to 50% of the total claim. To claim co–op dollars, a dealer must submit proof of their marketing expenses along with documentation of the marketing efforts.

Custom Marketing

Literature is provided for a minimal fee so qualified dealers can choose the type of materials they want, specify the name and address of their business, and indicate the number of mailers and zip codes they'd like to cover. They can also choose their demographic, including age, income, and household information. We do the rest! We print, address, and mail on your behalf. Just sit back and wait for the phone to ring!

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