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GE Generator Systems

Providing Peace of Mind

Get the peace of mind you need to help ensure that your lights stay on. Your air conditioner or furnace continues to keep you comfortable. Your sump pump and well pump keep pumping. Your refrigerator and freezer keep things cool. Your TVs, stereos, and computers keep you connected, informed and entertained.

In the past, selecting a home generator system meant choosing between a smaller unit that would only power the bare essentials, or a much larger, more costly unit. A Home Generator System by GE with the Symphony™ II Power Management System can provide a true whole house solution.

You don’t need a larger generator, just a smarter one.

Symphony™ II Power Management

    When a power outage occurs, it’s unlikely your customers will want to turn on every appliance in their house all at the same time. But you also don’t want them to be left guessing which appliances they can turn on while their backup generator is running. That’s why patented Symphony™ II Power Management System is designed to actively monitor and manage the power usage of your customer’s whole house – all with a smaller, more affordable generator.

    • Let’s your customer prioritize the use of up to eight high-wattage appliances
    • Actively monitors and manages power usage
    • The smart way to direct backup power anywhere in your customer’s house, without the need for a large, expensive generator
    • The best comprehensive Parts and Labor Warranties in the industry2

NEW! Introducing the New Smaller and Smarter 8kW1 - 10kW1 Home Generator –

The 8kW1 Home Generator System by GE keeps the essentials powered in your home. The lights stay on. The refrigerator keeps things cold. The furnace keeps you toasty warm on a cold winter’s night. The 10kW1 standby generator provides enough power for more than just the essentials by managing appliances with Symphony II™ Power Management. Our new 8kW1/10kW1 has the smallest standby generator footprint of its class. Its compact design, convenient placement options and unmatched warranty make it the best choice for homeowners with small properties.

Power Management

Overview of the features and benefits of the Symphony II™ Power Management System.
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