Portable & Standby Generators

Which Type of Generator is Right for You?

Trying to find the right backup power generator for you? When choosing a backup generator, there are two main types to pick from: portable or home standby generators. Find the best portable generator or standby generator by understanding their differences for your specific home, camping, RV or commercial needs.

Portable Generators

No installation needed: No portable generator installation required

Portable Generator
Starting: As a manual start generator, using the pull cord is required when the power goes out.

Fuel type: Gasoline, a portable gas generator - refueling needed

What it can power: Portable generator power will send electricity to all of your selected items during an outage. The items you want powered should be plugged into an extension cord that is plugged into the generator.

Home Standby Generators

Standby Generator Installation
Installation needed: Permanent backup power system, installed directly into your home's wiring by a certified Briggs & Stratton dealer or licensed electrician

Starting: Backup power supply automatically starts when the power goes out with an automatic transfer switch.

Fuel type: Liquid propane gas or natural gas generator - no refueling needed

What it can power: Powers basic needs such as lights and a refrigerator, while being able to power additional high wattage appliances such as A/C and an electric stove. Items are pre-selected during standby generator installation.

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