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Winter Storm Safety Tips

Check out our Top 4 - Safety Tips to keep you and your family safe during a winter storm. 

  • Prepare Your Home

    If temperatures are expected to drop below 20 degrees, keep your house heated to 55 degrees (min) to avoid freezing pipes.

  • Limit Travel & Outdoors Exposure

    Stay indoors during severe winter weather and avoid travel as road conditions may become dangerous quickly.

  • Create Emergency Supply Kits

    Create kits for your home and cars with survival supplies such as warm clothes, medications, first-aid, water, food, etc.

  • Service Your Snow Equipment

    Continue reading below to make sure your snow removal equipment is ready when you need it most.

Test and Service Your Equipment

If you currently own a single-stage or two-stage snow blower, make sure to run the engine at least once to ensure it is ready for the storm ahead. If you run into trouble, try our tips below:

  • Check fuel and oil levels on all of your equipment and fill tanks with their respective fluids until full.

  • Stock-up on extra fluid reserves in the event your equipment uses more fuel than initially expected. 

  • Not sure what type of oil your snow equipment uses? Check out our simple to use oil finder tool.

  • Using fuel stabilizer is one of the easiest ways to prevent harmful fuel breakdown. Learn more here.

Considering a New Snow Blower?

Find out if a single-stage or a two-stage snow blower is right for you with our buying guide. Already know the model you’re looking for? See what’s in-stock at the featured retailers below.

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