Smooth Start™ starting system

Thissimple and affordable starting system is perfect for a basic mower used to tend small-to-moderate size lawns. However, because some physical effort is required, persons with strength or mobility limitations might prefer an engine with electric start.

Since pull-start engines rely on the starting power generated by an operator’s physical oomph, our Smooth Start™ starting system is designed around getting the job down with the least effort on your part. Even persons of modest strength can count on easy starts every time.

Ignition comes from a special high-output coil that translates your muscle-power into a bigger, stronger spark for the effort.

And the exclusive MRS (Most Reliable Start) spark plug is matched to Sears specifications for optimized performance and extended service life.

To begin, simply push the primer bulb slowly three times to deliver the proper amount of fuel to the carburetor. Then, pull to start.


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