InStart™ IS Electric Start Lawn Mower

When the clouds are rolling in and you need to mow the grass before a summer storm, count on the InStart™ IS Lithium-Ion electric start lawn mower engine. Even with just a 10 minute rapid charge, you can get 20, no pull, push button starts. Especially when you’re in a rush to stay ahead of the storm.

Lawn Mower Battery Innovations

Briggs and Stratton takes engine innovation seriously, so with that in mind, we designed this one-of-a-kind engine for the mower on the go, with no time to worry about a dead lawn mower battery or pull cord start.

  • A chargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Electric push button start with just as much gusto as a gas powered lawn mower
  • Charge light indicator
  • Up to 20 starts per 10 minute rapid charge
  • Up to 75 starts per 1 hour charge (full charge)
  • InStart battery lasts 3x longer than traditional lawn mower batteries

So when it comes to electric start lawn mowers, look no further than the InStart IS Lithium-Ion rechargeable lawn mower battery. The InStart IS is available exclusively on Cub Cadet Lawn Mowers which you can purchase now at your local Costco Wholesale or Cub Cadet Dealers.


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