The Briggs & Stratton Story: A History of Engine Innovation 

At Briggs & Stratton, we make small engines and outdoor power equipment better than anyone else in the world. That’s what we do. But that’s not who we are. We’re the people behind this famous brand. We’re the faces of ingenuity and innovation, of quality and hard work, of pride and power. Briggs & Stratton, the power of innovation. We’re driven by the goal of creating the superior value for our customers, suppliers, employees and communities. By providing power for people all over the world we help make their lives better. We’re a lot like our customers, hardworking, self-reliant, these are Briggs and Stratton people.

Steven Briggs and Harry Stratton founded the Briggs & Stratton Corporation back in 1908. We stared as automotive company with the Briggs & Stratton Flyer.

Todd J. Teske Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer explains that The Flyer was a curious contraption as the lowest cost production vehicle ever made. And it launched a legacy of ingenuity and invention.

From there, we went on to make small engines for washing machines and tillers. Then a decisive moment, it was 1953 and we introduced the lightweight aluminum engine which revolutionized the lawn and garden industry. It enabled just about anybody to afford these innovative lawn mowers and everybody wanted one. The Briggs & Stratton name became an integral part of suburban life.

A quote from Todd Teske, “essentially what it allowed people to do was to have a lawn mower that was much more portable, much easier to maneuver than what was out there before.”

We spent the rest of the 20th century innovating, developing, building and all but perfecting the small gasoline engine. The Briggs & Stratton Corp began the 21st century with a new vision, with an eye on the global market place. So we entered the end product market acquiring lawn mowers brands that also manufacture snow blowers, generators, pressure washers and an array of outdoor power equipment.

Who We Are Today

With all the growth, with all the change, we at Briggs and Stratton remain committed to the power within. That power moves people and machines to build better lives. That sense of commitment to the end user is what drives our two business segments, the engine group and the products group.

Browse through our large collection of innovative small engines and then watch the video above to learn what Todd Teske says about our vision, “That’s really what that brand means. That people understand that it will help them get the job done and get it done right.”


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