Smart-Fill® Gas Can Purchasing Information

Where can I purchase the Smart-Fill Gas Can? Are replacement spouts available?

The Briggs & Stratton Smart-Fill Fuel Filling System helps you keep your gas-powered equipment fueled and ready to go. The ergonomic design makes fueling your equipment easy and clean. The EPA compliant* spout helps to reduce fumes, prevent spills and includes a child-safe cap. 

You can find more information about the full lineup of Smart-Fill products and accessories and find participating retailers at the manufacturer's site. The Smart-Fill containers are also available at select Briggs & Stratton dealers (please contact your dealer about availability).

For a look at the Smart-Fill Gas Can in action and instructions for assembly and usage, please visit our Smart-Fill Gas Can Product Features.

*Complies with US EPA regulation on portable fuel containers (40 CFR Part 59).

Gas can purchasing information
The Smart-Fill Gas Can is available in several different sizes to best match your fueling needs.




Fuel equipment purchasing information
The Smart-Fill replacement spout makes fueling your equipment easy and clean. The operation of the spout is a simple as Twist-Anchor-Push.


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