About the EnergyTrak™ Control System

Tap into EnergyTrak™ to see how it monitors and provides valuable insights into your SimpliPHI™ Energy Storage System (ESS).

An energy storage system creates power resilience on or off the grid by collecting, storing and utilizing energy when needed. EnergyTrak is your all-in-one source for monitoring and managing your SimpliPHI™ Energy Storage System (ESS). Valuable insights and monitoring are all at the convenience of an intuitive smartphone app. Access the app at home or on the go to monitor grid outages, battery percentages, energy use and more. With real-time status updates, you’ll always be in the know. See how you can get the most out of your ESS with EnergyTrak. 

System Monitoring

EnergyTrak houses all the information you’ll need to monitor your energy storage system. The main screen shows an actual representation of your current energy use and how much energy is pulled from other power sources, such as the grid or solar. The screen will indicate if you are unable to draw power from these sources, like during a power outage, and instead show you the backup power that’s in use. 

Easily monitor the battery percentage and system status displayed in the top right corner. It lets you know if the system is healthy or if there’s a warning or critical failure allowing you to take immediate corrective action. 

Use in any Application

From providing primary power to an entire home or business to simply holding power for times of outage, the SimpliPHI ESS allows you to utilize stored power in a number of ways. Leverage EnergyTrak to view your system in any operating mode including on and off grid applications for backup power or Time-of-Use (TOU). 

Installing a SimpliPHI ESS in an off grid application may be a more cost effective option than running electrical lines in remote locations. Use the EnergyTrak app to monitor what source energy is coming from and how much energy is being used or stored. 

TOU is gaining popularity as utility companies adopt a rate structure that charges more for energy during high-demand periods. With the EnergyTrak app, set your SimpliPHI system to draw energy from the grid during low demand times to charge the batteries. During peak-demand times, use energy from the batteries to power your home. Drawing from the grid during low demand times helps you save money on your energy bill. 

Firmware Updates

Never worry about your system being up to date. EnergyTrak features automatic over-the-air firmware updates to ensure your system remains as safe, secure and code-compliant as possible. Customize alerts and notifications on the EnergyTrak app to stay informed of any important changes in the system’s operation. 

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