Earth Day - April 22, 2023

This day demonstrates support for environmental protection. We believe that distributed energy storage and responsible business practices are essential to environmental sustainability. Providing power is ingrained in what we do. In our Energy Solutions division, we are able to enable power independence with the batteries we manufacture. Our batteries utilize clean energy, such as solar or wind power, and have proven to be a reliable and sustainable solution to meet the world's growing energy needs. The battery backup and energy storage systems are delivered containing high quality, safe Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) batteries. These batteries are not only manufactured with industry-leading safety standards but also allow home and business owners to invest in sustainable, resilient energy for their future. You can learn more about our ESS here. On this Earth Day, let’s take this opportunity to reflect on how we can reduce our carbon footprint. Learn more about how you can get involved at

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