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Push Mower Engines

Push forward. Whether you’re buying a new mower or upgrading your mower, you want the engine that always starts easily – with the reliability and power to cut through tall, thick grass every time. A lighter, quieter engine that drives your mower like a dream. Our groundbreaking technology brings you push mower powerhouses that are 50% quieter and store upright to use 70% less space. Tough, innovative – easier to use and maintain. Our best engines. Ever.

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EXi Engine Series™

Redesigned from the ground up, EXi Series Engines are more powerful and durable while lightest in class and easy to maneuver.

EX Series™ Engines

You’ll love the smooth handling of the lightweight, yet powerful EX Series engines with best-in-class torque-to-weight ratio, reduced vibration and quieter ...

E-Series™ Engines

These engines are compact, lightweight and simple to operate - with reduced vibration, quieter operation and enhanced handling.

82Li Series™

Smart lithium-ion battery technology provides you with reliable performance, easy starting and long run time for a more efficient and enjoyable mowing experience.

InStart® Series Engine

InStart® lithium-ion electric starting engine combines the power of gas and the starting reliability of lithium-ion battery ...

Professional Series™ Engines

Professional Series™ Engines combine professional-grade features, power and performance and ease of use.

Quiet Power Technology® Series

This engine is up to 60% quieter so you can hear what is going on around you and take care of yard work earlier in the day or ...

Mow N' Stow® Series Engines

This patented engine design enables a lawn mower to be stored upright without any fuel or oil leaks. Takes care of big lawn mower jobs and fits in small spaces.

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