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Hurricane Safety Tips

Check out our Top 5 - Safety Tips to keep you and your family safe during a hurricane. 

  • Design Your Plan

    Meet with your family to discuss community evacuation routes and identify how you would arrive there if you needed to leave.

  • Create Emergency Supply Kits

    Create kits for your home and cars with survival supplies such as flashlights, medications, first-aid, water, food, etc.

  • Reinforce Your Home

    Cover all of your home's windows with storm shutters and install fasteners between your roof and house frame.

  • Secure Outdoor Possessions

    Bring in any outdoor items that are not permanently secured to the ground such as chairs, tables, garbage cans, etc.

  • Service Your Generator

    Continue reading below to make sure your portable or standby generator is ready when you need it most.

Test and Service Your Equipment

If you currently own a portable or standby generator, make sure to run the engine at least once to ensure it is ready for the storm ahead. If you run into trouble, try our service tips below:

  • Check fuel and oil levels on all of your equipment and fill tanks with their respective fluids until full.

  • Stock-up on extra fluid reserves in the event your equipment uses more fuel than initially expected. 

  • Review emergency generator testing and other outage preparedness tips with our How-To Article.

  • Always ensure you’re using your generator safely. Learn more about our safe operation facts.  

Keep the Lights on with Backup Power 

Find out if a portable generator is right for you and your family with our buying guide. Already know what model you’re looking for? See what’s in-stock at the featured retailers below.

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