Keeping your lights and home appliances on during a power outage is the major benefit of owning a standby generator system. But owning a standby can lead to some serious savings for homeowners, too.

Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Rate

Home standby generators keep a home humming. Insurers know that when your house's lights and security system are on, it's less likely that you'll be making a home theft claim. That's why many insurance agencies view standby generators as a theft prevention investment, which can reduce your homeowners insurance rate.

Prevent Storm Damage & Power Outage Costs

Standby generators prevent unexpected repair or losses that occur when a home sits without power. National averages1 for such power outage costs include:

  • $150 per night for a hotel stay.
  • $200 in spoiled food losses.
  • Even more painful, a home with an unpowered sump pump can incur $20,000 in basement water damages.

Learn about all of the unexpected costs associated with a power outage.

Increase Your Home Value

Property values increase for homes with a standby generator system. A recent study by Remodeling Magazine showed standby generators increase home resale values by 52.7 percent of the cost of the generator system.

Prevent power outage-related home repair costs and realize additional savings. With systems and home generator installation costing around $5,000 total, it's easy to see how quickly standby generators can become a valued investment - especially after customer-friendly generator financing options are considered.

1Estimates are for illustrative purposes only and should not be used to estimate power outage loss. Cost estimates were pulled from US News, 2012; STR Global, 2012;; and Costs vary from state to state and home to home. Briggs & Stratton is not liable for any damages that occur during a power outage.