Even though an automatic standby generator system seamlessly provides backup power to your home within seconds of sensing a power outage, it is still important to remember that it’s a major piece of outdoor power equipment with an engine. Routine generator maintenance is required to make sure it will perform as expected when you need it most.

Lean on Your Dealer

Not only is your standby generator installed professionally, but that dealer will also work with you moving forward. From the simple to the more serious, your local dealer will be able to provide any maintenance needs your system may encounter while under warranty and throughout the lifespan of the unit. Be sure to ask your dealer about your standby generator maintenance agreement.

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Weekly Self Cycle

Every week, your standby generator system will run a test cycle for about 20 minutes. Your home won’t be transferred to backup power during the test, but it’s a critical cycle to self-diagnose any generator issues that may prevent the system from providing backup power when it counts. This cycle will happen automatically at the same time every week once you set the day and time.

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Monitor Your Generator

Keeping your pulse on the status of your generator system ensures it is ready to power your home’s appliances when it’s called upon. Wireless generator monitoring systems like Infohub™ are compatible with your computer, tablet or smartphone and can send you and your dealer alerts about any generator maintenance needs and overall performance.

Simple Generator Maintenance

Much like other products in your garage, simple maintenance is required from time to time to keep your backup generator system humming. Generator maintenance kits can be purchased and include an air filter, spark plug, oil filter, funnel, and oil for routine repairs. For cold climates where the temperature drops below 30° F, a cold weather kit includes a battery warmer and two oil heaters to keep your generator warm and ready to start up when the temperature outside drops.