Briggs & Stratton Infohub™ lets you be in control of your standby generator no matter where you go. Infohub is the next-generation mobile monitoring system that lets you monitor your generator’s status from your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Compatible with any Briggs & Stratton® standby generator system manufactured after 2005, Infohub™ keeps you informed of the generator’s status and maintenance needs. It even sends you service schedule reminders.

Customized Generator Maintenance Alerts

Infohub™ lets you customize how your generator communicates with you, so you stay informed whether you prefer email alerts or text updates. You can even have your local certified Briggs & Stratton generator dealer receive notifications directly from your generator when maintenance is needed.

Easy, Affordable Generator Monitoring

Infohub has a user-friendly custom web platform made for easy navigation. It can be quickly installed onto your computer, tablet or smart phone. Best of all, its affordable monthly or yearly subscription pricing makes Infohub™ possible for most families.

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Get the most out of your standby generator without fear of overload.