Water Pumps Retail Deal

Special pricing for a limited time

With each pump sold we’ll throw in 600ml of SAE30 Engine Oil Free!

Strictly limited time & subject to availability.**

Offer is valid only from the 05/03/2018 and expires on the 31/05/2018
** GST not included.

(single impellor) (073046)

Save $30.00

(twin impellor) (073047)

Save $30.00

2” TRANSFER PUMP (073010)

Save $30.00

3” TRANSFER PUMP (073011)

Save $30.00

2” TRASH PUMP (073023)

Save $251.00

3” TRASH PUMP (073024)

Save $901.00

Pressure Washer Accessories

Limited Time Accessories Pricing

The Australian drive to entertain is present all year round. This means you're are revving up the pressure washer ready to tackle the deck, the boat and the home.

Briggs & Stratton helps make that job
easier with a great selection of accessories.
With new pricing you can empower entertainment by stocking up on attachments and accessories and enjoying the home the way it was meant to be.