The ReadyStart® Starting System

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The ReadyStart® starting system is a mechanism that automatically senses engine temperature and adjusts the air/fuel mixture to suit conditions perfectly. No hassles. No guesswork. No worries.

This no-fuss starting system is ideal for homeowners living in regions that see a wide range of temperatures during the mowing season, as well as lawns whose size or shape may require you to restart your mower one or more times per mowing session. However, because some physical effort is required, persons with strength or mobility limitations might prefer an engine with electric start.

As with our other pull-start engines that rely on the starting power generated by an operator’s physical oomph, the ReadyStart® system is designed around getting the job done with the least effort on your part. Even persons of modest strength can count on easy starts every time.

Ignition comes from a special high-output coil that translates your muscle-power into a bigger, stronger spark for the effort.

To start, just pull for power — the ReadyStart® starting system will do the rest.

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