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Fuel Filter Installation Instructions

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Fuel Filter Installation Instructions
For Service Part No. 394358S / DIY Part No. 5098

Fits most Briggs & Stratton engines


1. Run engine until it stops from lack of fuel. Wait until engine cools before performing any maintenance.
2. Using standard pliers, squeeze tabs on hose clamps and slide them away from hose ends.
3. Remove fuel line from both ends of the fuel filter.
4. Install new fuel filter in reverse order
5. Upon first use, check for leaks! 

• If fuel is leaking: Stop engine, and re-secure hose and clamp.
Consult with an Authorized Service Dealer for assistance, if required.

See operating manual for fuel filter maintenance information. 

Which way round do I connect the fuel filter?

I just bought a B&S replacement fuel filter but the instructions on the pack do not indicate which way round to install it. Also there is no arrow on the body of the filter. Please advise, thanks.
Asked by: polarbreeze
The fuel filter should have an arrow on it, if it needs to face a particular direction. If there is not an arrow, then it can be installed either way.
Answered by: Nicole
Date published: 2013-09-28

I have model 281707-0175501 code 89020631.  where is the fuel filter located? is it in the middle of the fuel line, closer to the fuel tank or by the carburetor?

Asked by: Mikemjtj

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