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What is a Flywheel?

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The flywheel on a Briggs & Stratton small engine was originally developed to maintain constant angular velocity of the crankshaft. Simply, it stores the momentum from combustion to keep the crankshaft turning in between the engine's power strokes. The flywheel stores energy when torque is applied by the energy source, and it releases stored energy when the energy source is not applying torque.

Today, the fins on flywheels act almost like fans, cooling the engine by distributing air around the engine block. Learn more about the cooling systems on Briggs & Strattion engines. The flywheel fins also blow air across the air vane on the engine governor, keeping it running steadily and consistently at your desired speed.

The modern flywheel now acts as the heart of your portable generator, snow blower, or lawn mower electrical system with magnets mounted around it that make ignition possible.

Finally, if a lawn mower or tiller blade hits a rock or curb, the flywheel key can sometimes absorb the damage, reducing repair costs significantly. Always check for damage by removing the flywheel to inspect the key and the keyway, the key's slot on the crankshaft. The soft metal key must eliminate play between the flywheel and crankshaft.

Want to learn more about the flywheel on a Briggs & Stratton engine? Check out Inspecting the Flywheel and Flywheel Key in the FAQ.

I have a 675ex 190 cc engine and am attempting to replace the flywheel key.  I have purchased 2 different flywheel pullers, but the flywheel won't come off.  Help.....

Asked by: MrMil
Tap the flywheel with a rubber mallet to loosen from the crankshaft.
Answered by: Nicole_BriggsStratton
Date published: 2014-08-22

i have a briggs and stratton rear wheel drive lawnmower 190cc ,6.75hp ,therear wheels will not engage looking for help

Asked by: dunno
This is an issue with the lawnmower. Although Briggs manufactured the 190cc engine, it is likely we do not make the mower. Please contact the mower's manufacturer.
Answered by: Nicole_BriggsStratton
Date published: 2014-08-04

I have a Craftsman mower with 4.5hp engine. Just replaced the carb hoping that would fix the surging, the engine starts easily & runs well for a short period, then begins to surge lag surge lag ... wondering if you think it might be the flywheel governor?

Asked by:
This sounds like a governor linkage issue. You will need to check and adjust the linkage.
Answered by: Nicole_BriggsStratton
Date published: 2014-06-23

rip cord will not pull

Asked by: mac32
This could be caused by a couple of reasons: 1.Oil trapped in the combustion chamber causing a hydraulic-lock condition. Try removing the spark plug and pulling the engine over slowly. If it pulls over freely, slowly pull it over a few more times and note if any oil comes out of the spark plug hole. Wipe off the plug and check the air filter. 2.A bent or stuck blade. Check under the mower deck to make certain that the blade is not damaged or obstructed by anything. 3.Damaged mower deck. Ensure that the deck is not bent or warped, and the blade spins freely. 4. Please make sure you have the bail handle engaged when trying to start the engine.
Answered by: Nicole_BriggsStratton
Date published: 2014-06-12

What is the torque required on 16 hp model 313777 flywheel bolt?

Asked by: leoj
110 foot pounds
Answered by: Nicole_BriggsStratton
Date published: 2014-06-06

i don't seem to be getting spark when i try to start engine.what are some probable causes?

Asked by: clang
Here is a link that will help you troubleshoot a no spark condition:
Answered by: Nicole_BriggsStratton
Date published: 2014-05-16

where would i find a flywheel for a briggs and stratton lawnmower

Asked by: bill62
To locate any information on your engine, you will first need the model type and code. Please see the following FAQ for assistance in locating these numbers: Once you have this information you can find information on your engine here: Select engine as your product type and follow the directions for entering the model type and trim into the search fields.
Answered by: Nicole
Date published: 2014-08-12

How do I Replace/Fix the pulley string assembly as the rope will not retract anymore?

Asked by: Ryanmjames
Here is a link that will help you with that:
Answered by: Nicole
Date published: 2013-10-28

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