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Spray Wand Maintenance

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Prior to use, always test the spray gun to make sure it works properly. To begin, make sure the hose connection to the spray gun is secure, then test the spray-gun assembly by pressing and releasing the trigger. The trigger should spring back into place when it is released. Next, engage the safety latch, and test the trigger. You should not be able to depress it. If the trigger is loose, or can be depressed while the safety latch is engaged, or water is leaking around the gun handle, the spray gun should be replaced immediately.

Detach wand from spray gunStep 1 - Shut off the engine and turn off the water supply. Depress the spray-gun trigger to relieve the pressure in the system. Detach the wand from the spray gun. If you have an adjustable nozzle, twist the nozzle to STREAM, then remove the nozzle orifice using a 2mm (or 5/64) Allen wrench. If you have Quick-Connect spray tips, simply remove the spray tip from the nozzle.



Clean spray tipStep 2 - Use a paper clip to free any foreign material clogging or restricting the orifice or spray tip (inset). Note: Some manufacturers provide a wire nozzle-cleaning tool with the maintenance kit.




Flush nozzleStep 3 - Flush water through the nozzle for one minute to remove debris. For an adjustable nozzle, turn the nozzle to STREAM and move from low- to high-pressure mode while flushing. Reinstall the orifice into the adjustable nozzle (do not overtighten), or install the spray tip into the nozzle, then reconnect the wand to the spray gun and test to ensure the nozzle works properly.

I have a electric Briggs and Stratton 1700...I have the wand in the gun but can't figure out how to change the wand to the other one...looked in my manual but I don't see anything to help me. I am a 63 year old woman trying this!

Asked by: Ginner
The gun is attached via a quick connect. You will pull down the collar on the quick connect and the gun will release.
Answered by: Nicole
Date published: 2013-10-03

Hose has come separated from gun.

The hose has come off the coupling on the sprayer gun. How do you put them back together?
Asked by: bobwinter
These parts cannot be put back together. You will need to purchase a new hose.
Answered by: Nicole
Date published: 2013-09-23

The nozzle on my adjustable will not slide.

Nozzle turns from "fan" to "pinpoint" but will not slide forward or backward to adjust pressure. Can I fix this at home? Is so, how? Want to know before I buy a replacement. Thanks.
Asked by: Eubass
Please check to see if you can see a gold nut behind the very back portion of the nozzle, where the nozzle attaches to the stainless steel rod. Do you see a gold nut (approx 1/2") or is the gold nut flush with the plastic piece? If the nut is flush with the back portion of the nozzle, place the yellow or black nozzle between your feet, holding down with your feet, pull straight up on the metal shaft. The adjustable nozzle should pull about a quarter of an inch forward. If the nut is out approximately, a 1/2” push down on the nozzle to put the unit into high pressure. If this doesn't work, place the nozzle in a bucket of hot soapy water for about a half hour, then go through the prior steps again.
Answered by: Nicole
Date published: 2013-05-23

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