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Portable Generator Safety & Usage Tips

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Here are a few generator usage tips you should keep in mind.

  • Wattage - Determine what appliances you will be able to run with the wattage guide.
  • Testing - Perform a dry run of your generator to make sure you are familiar of how you will operate it during a power outage.
  • Flashlight - Keep a flashlight handy to find your way to your generator.
  • Location - Keep your generator conveniently located.
  • Electric Start - If your generator is equipped with electric start, keep the battery charged.
  • Lubrication - Run your generator occasionally to keep the engine well lubricated.
  • Powering Your Generator - Keep an adequate supply of fresh gasoline and extension cords. Use fuel stabilizer if you plan on extended storage.
  • Plugging In - Plug in appliances one at a time being careful not to overload the circuits.
  • Cool After Use - Allow your generator to adequately cool-down before storing.
  • Cover -  Use a storage cover to keep the generator free of dirt and debris.

I purchased a new small (2000watt) gen. and haven't put gas in it and don.t want to. Is there anything I need to worry about for long term storage, I have put the recommended amount of oil in it.

Asked by: Grant335

how often am i supposed to service ma generator.

Asked by: jean30
Once a year or every 100 hours if its a standby or every 50 hours if its a portable.
Answered by: Nicole_BriggsStratton
Date published: 2014-06-10

Should I drain the fuel by ciphon and run the generator until out of gas when I don't anticipate using it for awhile?

Asked by: NedL
The portable generators should be started at least once a month an ran with a load on it. Please use a fuel stabilizer in the fuel.
Answered by: Nicole_BriggsStratton
Date published: 2014-06-02

I own a Briggs & Stratton 30469 7,500 Watt 342cc, I start it up every month and let it run. This time after I started it up, it would just stop after less than a minute. checked the fuel,oil level looks fine. Please let me know what the issue might be.

Asked by: MikeLin
It may be vapor lock. Try loosening the gas cap a 1/4 turn.
Answered by: Nicole_BriggsStratton
Date published: 2014-03-28

A small amount of current is induced in neut/gnd loop by the running generator. The neutral wire passes through the ground fault sensor, the GFCI senses this induced current and trips the main circuit breaker in the generator. Please provide resolution.

Asked by: Don01
This is a safety feature on the generator and we cannot advise any modifications or alterations to the unit.
Answered by: Nicole_BriggsStratton
Date published: 2014-03-26

I just purchased  a new generator it ran for 3 hours and quit It has fresh fuel and the oil level is at the full level What can I do to get it runnIng?

Asked by: WillT
We will need the model number of the generator to help troubleshoot this. Some generators have low oil shut downs or it could be an issue with the carburetor. There is a 2 year warranty on the unit. You will want to take it in for warranty consideration. Here is a link to the dealer locator:
Answered by: Nicole
Date published: 2014-02-17

my generator wont start ,I change the oil and put new gas in it it cranks but wont start any idears.

Asked by: busman
Sounds like there is a clog in the carburetor. You will want to clean this out. Here is a link that will help you:
Answered by: Nicole
Date published: 2014-01-31

I have a portable generator that will not stay cranked up unless you keep spraying starter fluid on it?  It starts up and cuts right back off. What is the problem. PLEASE HELP!!!

Asked by: missj
It sounds like you have a clog in the carburetor. You will want to clean the carburetor and change out the fuel with fresh fuel. Here is a link that will help with that:
Answered by: Nicole
Date published: 2013-11-22

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