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New Engine is Hunting and Surging

Why is my new engine hunting and surging?

This can be normal for new overhead valve engines such as Inteks and Vanguards and should clear up after a couple of tanks of gas.

Due to the strict emissions standards affecting the design of small engines today, tolerances within the engine have tightened considerably. As a result, until the engine "breaks in" and the valves seat, the engine may run slightly lean. This condition can be lessened by operating the engine with the choke slightly on.

If hunting and surging continues after 4-6 tanks of gas, consult your local Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer concerning the problem. To find the nearest Service Dealers near you, please use our Service Dealer Locator.

For a typical example of how an engine sounds while hunting and surging, please listen to the following:

For related information, please visit our Why does my engine seem to go up and down in RPM's (runs rough)? FAQ.

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