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Website Shopping Registration Errors

What should I look for if I am experiencing problems registering through the B&S Shopping Cart?

If you are experiencing problems registering through the Briggs & Stratton Shopping Cart, look to see if there are red statements ANYWHERE in the registration process. Red statements usually indicate a discrepancy of some sort. These error messages appear near the data that is incorrect and may require scrolling of the page to find. Read the red statement and adjust your information accordingly. Here are some common things to look for:

  • If you receive the error "Address is restricted to alphanumeric characters only", make sure your mailing address uses standard mailing abbreviations. For example, "E. Roundtree Rd." may not work, but "E ROUND TREE RD" will work. Please note the LACK of punctuation.

  • If the address contains no errors but an exact match is still not found, an address that is recognized by the system as a possible alternative will be presented. You will be given the option of verifying the suggested address before continuing the order process.

  • Make sure your password is 7 characters long.

  • Double-check to make certain your First, Middle, and Last name, as well as your shipping address, match those listed on your credit card statement.

  • Do not enter a P.O. Box for a shipping address. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to a P.O. Box.

  • Ensure to remove any dashes (-) in between the digits of your phone number (i.e. 5555555555). Like the Address field, the Phone field is restricted to alphanumeric characters only. Dashes must be excluded for your phone number to be properly processed.

If a mistake has been made in the registration process, only click links provided by the system and avoid using your browser buttons. Please be aware that using the browser's 'Back Button' will only confuse the system and often adds to any mistakes that were already made.

If you still cannot resolve the registration problem, please send us an e-mail (Ask a Question) and include the red error message and any other particulars you are able to provide (What browser and version? Are you using a PC, Mac, tablet, or other hand held device? What date and time did you attempt to place an order?).

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