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Snow Engine Recall Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Snow Engine Recall?

Frequently Asked Questions

Briggs & Stratton Model 12, 15, 20, and 21 OHV Snow Engines

Q. How can I tell if my snow thrower is affected by this recall notice?
A. First, look for the Briggs & Stratton logo  on the engine. Next, determine if the Briggs & Stratton engine model numbers begin with a 12, 15, 20, or 21. Engine model numbers are stamped into the cylinder shield or the valve cover. For more information on model number location, go to

Q. My snow thrower seems to be operating okay. Can I continue to use it?
A. No. Even though your snow thrower appears to be safe, we are asking all customers to immediately stop using the product and take advantage of the recall notice by arranging for a free engine repair.

Q. Why are these engines affected by a recall notice?
A. Over priming of the engines can cause excess fuel to overflow the carburetor, posing fire and burn hazards.

Q. Are any other applications or types of products included in the recall notice?
A. No. Only those engines used on snow throwers are included.

Q. Are any other Model 12, 15, 20, or 21 engines included? Why not?
A. No. Only Model 12, 15, 20, or 21 snow engines are included in the product safety recall. Other Model 12, 15, 20, or 21 engines are designed differently and do not pose an over priming condition.

Q. My snow thrower is affected, what should I do?
A. Immediately stop using the snow thrower until a repair can be made. Contact a Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer to arrange for the free repair.

Q. Is there any charge for the repair?
A. There is no charge for repairs required as part of this product safety recall. However, if your snow thrower or snow engine needs other repairs not associated with the recall notice, they will not be covered by Briggs & Stratton.

Q. How long will it take to repair?
A. The repair time is about 30 minutes. Consult with a Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer to schedule the repair.

Q. Will you pay for someone to pick up my snow thrower from my home?
A. If you are unable to reasonably transport the snow thrower, Briggs & Stratton will allow for the pick up and delivery of the unit. You will need to schedule a mutually acceptable pick up time directly with the dealer.

Q. Can I service the snow thrower myself at my home?
A. No. To ensure proper assembly, a Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer needs to complete the repair.

Q. The engine currently doesn't work, will you pay for any other repairs to the engine or replace the entire engine?
A. No. Only the repair kit installation is included in the no charge repair. If your snow thrower or snow engine needs other repairs not associated with the product safety recall, they will not be covered by Briggs & Stratton.

Q. I purchased my engine used; will you still repair it for free?
A. Yes, as long as it's one of the affected Model 12, 15, 20, or 21 snow engines.

Q. What part or parts are being replaced?
A. A kit will be installed that includes a primer relief fitting, a primer label, and an intake arrester.

Q. I've replaced the primer bulb previously; am I still involved?
A. Yes. The repair kit must be installed to correct the over priming condition. Please contact a Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer to schedule a repair.

Q. I've modified parts that may be affected; will you pay for that or do I have to modify them again?
A. The rework includes only the installation of the repair kit per the original specifications.

Q. My Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer won't repair the unit; what do I do?
A. Arrangements will be made with another dealer. Please call Briggs & Stratton.

Q. Can I return the snow thrower to where I bought it?
A. Yes, as long as the place of purchase is a Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer. If they are not, you'll need to contact a Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer to arrange for repair of the engine.

Q. I have sold/given away the snow thrower to another party, what should I do?
A. Please forward this notice to that party. Also, contact Briggs & Stratton at 800-444-7774 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday, and inform us that you have sold/given away the snow thrower and give us the name of the new owner.

For related information, please view our Snow Thrower Engines Recall Alert FAQ.

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