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Regular Maintenance Schedule

What is a good maintenance schedule for my small engine?

Regular Maintenance Schedule

You can avoid many small engine problems and save money on parts and repairs if you follow a regular maintenance schedule. Make good maintenance a habit when your engine is new, and always consult your operator's manual for special guidelines for your make and model. Service the engine more frequently if you use it heavily or under dusty or dirty conditions.

A great tool for keeping track of your engine maintenance intervals is our Maintenance Minder (Download Maintenance Minder Install Instructions - PDF). The Maintenance Minder displays flashes every 25 hours of run time and works with 2 and 4 cycle engines.

Checking & Changing Oil

After the first five hours of use:

After each use:

Inspecting & Changing the Muffler
Servicing the Carburetor

Every 25 hours or every season:

Checking & Changing the Oil

Every 100 hours or every season:

*Clean more often if the engine operates under dusty conditions or in tall, dry grass

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