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Pressure Washer Produces Low Pressure

Why is my pressure washer producing low pressure?
If this is the problem: Ask this question: I If the answer is yes:
Pump fails to produce pressure, has erratic pressure, or has a loss of pressure or low water volume. Is the engine running at full speed? Move the throttle control to the FAST
Is the nozzle in low pressure mode? Straighten the garden hose, or patch the leak.
Is the water inlet blocked or water-inlet filter screen clogged or damaged? Disconnect the garden hose from the water inlet; clean the water inlet and filter screen. If screen is damaged, remove damaged screen, insert new screen.
Is the high-pressure hose leaking? Check the O-rings. If damaged, pry off old O-ring with a small flathead screwdriver, and replace with new one.
Is the in-line filter screen clogged or damaged? Disconnect the high-pressure hose from the spray gun; remove the in-line filter screen; clean by flushing with clear water. If damaged, replace filter and O-ring.
Is the spray gun leaking? Replace the spray gun with a new one.
Is the nozzle orifice obstructed? Shut off the engine; purge air from the pump; remove the orifice from the adjustable nozzle or remove the spray tip from the nozzle extension; clean the orifice or spray tip using the wire tool from the maintenance kit.
Is the supply water temperature over 100° F? Provide a cooler water supply.
Is the supply water pressure and flow rate adequate? (Supplying a minimum of 20 PSI and 1 GPM more than the GPM rating of the unit?) Test the supply water using a pressure/flow-rate gauge. If the supply water does not produce a minimum of 20 PSI and 3.5 GPM, provide an adequate water supply.
Is the pump oil level low? Add oil to the pump.
Is the pump faulty? Contact Briggs & Stratton service dealer.
Is the nozzle in high-pressure mode? Push the adjustable nozzle forward for low-pressure mode, or install the low-pressure (black) spray tip.

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