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PowerSmart Inverter Basic Troubleshooting

What are some troubleshooting procedures for the PowerSmart Inverter?






Engine is running, but no AC output available.

1. Red overload alarm light is on. Generator is overloaded.


1. See Don't Overload Generator in Operation section. Shut down generator and restart.


2. Green output indicator light not on. Fault in generator.


2. Contact authorized service facility.


3. Poor connection or defective cord set.


3. Check and repair.


4. Connected device is bad.


4. Connect another device that is in good condition.

Engine runs good at no-load but "bogs down" when loads are connected.  

1. Short circuit in a connected load.


1. Disconnect shorted electrical load.


2. Engine speed is too slow.


2. Contact authorized service facility.


3. Generator is overloaded.


3. See Don't Overload Generator in Operation section.


4. Shorted generator circuit.


4. Contact authorized service facility.

Engine will not start; shuts down when running or starts and runs rough.  

1. Engine switch set to "Off".


1. Set engine switch to "On"


2. Fuel cap vent lever is in "Off" position.


2. Turn fuel cap vent lever to "On" position.


3. Low oil indicator light comes on. Low oil level.


3. Fill crankcase to proper level or place generator on level surface.


4. Dirty air cleaner.


4. Clean or replace air cleaner.


5. Out of fuel.


5. Fill fuel tank.


6. Stale fuel.


6. Drain fuel tank and carburetor, fill with fresh fuel.


7. Spark plug wire not connected to spark plug.


7. Connect wire to spark plug.


8. Bad spark plug.


8. Replace spark plug.


9. Water in fuel.


9. Drain fuel tank and carburetor; fill with fresh fuel.


10. Flooded.


10. Wait 5 minutes and re-crank engine.


11. Excessively rich fuel mixture.


11. Contact authorized service facility.


12. Intake valve stuck open or closed.


12. Contact authorized service facility.


13. Engine has lost compression.


13. Contact authorized service facility.

Engine lacks power.Engine "hunts" or falters  

1. Load is too high.


1. See Don't Overload Generator in Operation section.


2. Dirty air filter.


2. Replace air filter.

Engine "hunts" or falters   Carburetor is running too rich or too lean.   Contact authorized service facility.

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