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Part Number Obtained from Parts List not Found in Genuine Parts Search

Why isn't the number (16, 90A, 1126, etc.) I obtained from my Illustrated Parts List (IPL) found in the "Repair Parts" section?

Your Illustrated Parts List (IPL's) utilizes two sets of numbers to assist you in identifying the part(s) you need as quickly as possible.

The numbers listed next to the part illustrations in our IPL's are called Reference Numbers. These numbers are one to four digits in length depending on the part. The Reference Number is used to locate the specific Service Part Number (usually six digits) you will require for ordering purposes.

Most of the IPL's will require that you scroll down past the part illustrations to the pages where the Service Part Numbers are located. The Service Part Numbers are listed in numerical order according to Reference Number. This number can then be entered into the Lawn Mower Parts, Repair Parts & Maintenance Products Search.

In some cases, the part search will result in a Service Part Number differing from that which you entered. This will occur if the original part number has been classified as inactive. The part search will automatically provide the superceded, active part number.

Parts can also be ordered via phone by calling (800) 444-7774 (48 Contiguous United States orders only).

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