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Part Number Not Found

Why didn't the part number I entered into the Repair Parts section of the website return any results?

There could be several reasons for this:

The entered part number is incorrect. Double-check your part number to ensure the number you are entering is valid. Please keep in mind the numbers listed next to the part illustrations in our IPLs are called Reference Numbers. These numbers are one to four digits in length depending on the part. The Reference Number is used to locate the specific Service Part Number (usually six digits) you will require for ordering purposes.

  • Most of the IPLs will require that you scroll down past the part illustrations to the pages where the Service Part Numbers are located. The Service Part Numbers are listed in numerical order according to Reference Number. For additional information, please our Reference Number FAQ.

  • The part number is inactive. If the entered part number is inactive or discontinued it will not be found in the Repair Parts Search. You may try contacting a local Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer to see if they may still have the needed part in stock.

  • If the part number is relatively new it may not yet have been loaded into the Repair Parts Search Database. Again, your best option would be have a local Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer order the part for you.

If you are trying to order a part for an antique/obsolete engine, please visit our Old/Antique/Obsolete Parts FAQ for a list of suppliers of old, obsolete parts.

For further assistance, please call our Briggs & Stratton Answer Center at (800) 444-7774 or Ask a Question.

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