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Murray Parts

Can Murray parts be ordered through Briggs & Stratton's website?

Certain Murray parts can now be ordered online through the Repair Parts & Maintenance Products section of our website. At this time, orders can only be accepted from the contiguous 48 states.

To determine the Murray part number(s) you need:

  1. Obtain your Murray model number located on your equipment's label.

  2. Enter your Murray model number into the Murray Literature Search. Using your parts list, identify what part(s) you need.

  3. Visit our Repair Parts & Maintenance Products section and type in your Murray part number(s) (adding MA at the end) and proceed through the online shopping process.

For additional information, please visit our Order Process FAQ.

To purchase Murray parts through the Briggs Power Shop, the letters "MA" must be added to the end of the Murray part number in order for it to be recognized by the system. For example, Murray part number 7601092 would be entered as 7601092MA.

If you find that after adding MA to the end of the part number, the part supersedes to the incorrect description, or if not found at all, try the following:

  • Remove any spaces or dashes in the part number (still add MA)

  • Add the number zero in front of the part number (still add MA)

  • Remove the letters MT from in front of part number (still add MA)

  • Remove the letter E from the end of the part number (still add MA)

If after following these steps the part is still not found, it may not be available for purchase through the Briggs Power Shop. However, you still have the option of ordering your part locally through a Murray Service Dealer.

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