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Inline Fuel Filter Replacement

How do I replace the inline fuel filter?

PLEASE NOTE: Wear safety eyewear whenever removing or inspecting a filter to protect your eyes from liquid fuel or fuel vapors. Have a dry cloth handy to hold the filter and catch any dripping fuel.

  1. Shut the fuel valve, if equipped. It's located at the base of the fuel tank, where the fuel line is attached. If your tank is not equipped with a fuel valve, clamp the fuel line, using a fuel line clamp.

  2. Remove the metal clips on each side of the filter, using needle nose pliers, and slide the filter out of the fuel line.

  3. Shake the filter over a clean cloth to displace any remaining fuel, then use the cloth to wipe away any residue from the outside of the filter.

  4. Keep the filter a safe distance from your face and look through one end. You should be able to see light shining through clearly from the other side. If debris is clogging the mesh screen or pleated paper or the inside of the casing replace the filter.

  5. Installation of an inline fuel filter is based on an arrow, which should point towards the carburetor. If no arrow is present, the direction really does not matter. However, if you would like to copy our production line, then place the larger end of the filter towards the fuel tank.

  6. Also, when installing an in line fuel filter to an engine for the first time (engine never had a fuel filter to begin with) its always best to install the filter as close to the carburetor fuel inlet as possible, to an area that is not obstructed in any way and is away from any potential source of heat.

  7. The proper filter for your engine depends on the engine's design. Consult your local Authorized Dealer for the correct replacement filter or check your engine Illustrated Parts List.

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Keep in mind the proper filter for your engine depends on the engine's design. Please refer to your engine Illustrated Parts List or consult your Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer to determine the correct replacement filter for your model.

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