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Pressure Washer Winterization

How do I winterize my pressure washer? What kind of anti-freeze should I use?

Note: Please see your Operator's Manual for detailed instructions for this process.

Here are the steps you run through to winterize your units:

  • Flush chemical tube by placing it in a pail of clean water, while the unit is running. Squeeze pressure trigger in low pressure for two minutes.

  • Shut down engine and allow it to cool down, then remove all hoses.

  • Place throttle lever in STOP position. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug. CAUTION: This is an extremely important step. Running the unit without water will damage the unit.

  • Empty the pump of all liquids by pulling the recoil handle about six (6) times. This should remove most liquid from the pump.

  • NOTE: To protect your pump from freezing, use Pump Saver. Follow the instructions located on the Pump Saver can.

  • You can also use RV antifreeze (no alcohol) by connecting a three-foot section of garden hose to the inlet adapter.

  • Pour the RV antifreeze (no alcohol) into the hose, pull the recoil handle twice. Make sure the spark plug wire is still disconnected

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