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Engine Does Not Start/Runs Poorly After Storage

Why does my engine not start/run poorly after storage?

This can often be due to the engine being stored with untreated gasoline in the fuel system.

For a typical example of how an engine may sound when it stalls due to lack of fuel flow, please listen to the following:

Gasoline can become stale after two to four weeks (especially in warmer climates). As it becomes stale, it turns into a varnish that coats the parts of the fuel delivery system, especially inside the carburetor. This varnish is difficult to remove and normally requires the carburetor to be disassembled and cleaned with a solvent. Even if fuel is drained before storage, enough gasoline can remain in the carburetor to cause problems.

This varnish like substance can also coat the spark plug, making it difficult to create a spark. To help avoid this problem, purchase our Briggs & Stratton Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer.

Briggs & Stratton Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer keeps gasoline fresh up to three years, helps clean the fuel system, and eliminates end-of-season fuel draining. You can either add this stabilizer to the fuel as you place it in the engine, or you can purchase a gas container and mix the proper amount of gas and stabilizer in the container and use this gas for your engine.

It is also a good practice to purchase your gasoline in season. Gasoline is mixed differently in the Fall than it is in the Summer and has different evaporation rates that will affect engine performance.

For information on servicing the fuel system and engine starting/performance issues, please visit the following FAQs :

To help avoid this type of problem in the future and prepare your engine for storage, please visit our End-of-Season Maintenance FAQ.

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