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College Level Research Curriculum

Where can I obtain information for my college level research project?


Research Level Curriculum

This program is aimed at supporting college level research/training with the donation of a specific engine or engines to suit the requirements of the project. The less specific the requirements are for these enignes, the more likely we can fulfill your needs. Courses where Briggs & Stratton engines are typically used include:
  • Emissions Testing
  • Fuel injector Research
  • Data Acquisition
  • Engineering Design
  • Combustion Chemistry
  • Thermodynamics

Costs/How to Apply

As no single engine model will meet the myriad of requirements for research, Briggs & Stratton will make every effort to satisfy your needs as inexpensively as possible. Please contact us and provide a brief overview of the project or curriculum. Some engineering drawing and specifications are available upon request.

Briggs & Stratton Corporation
Customer Education Department
Vo-Ed Programs
P.O. Box 702
Milwaukee, WI 53201-07022

Phone: (800) 444-7774
E-mail: Customer Education

PLEASE NOTE: You must be involved in college level research, post graduate studies or research training to participate in this program.

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